Second Life® is a virtual world or a meta-verse. The Second Life Land Rental is an opportunity to build home or business or any other creation for fuller engagement in Second Life. Linden Lab hosts and maintains all Second Life regions on their servers, and leases most of them to individual Second Life residents for a monthly fee. These residents then become Estate Owners. Some Estates consist of only one region but others have many.

The costs to lease a whole region from Linden Lab are prohibitive for most residents, who typically only require a fraction of the space for their personal use. There are two categories of land in Second Life, Mainland and Private Estate. Private estates subdivide these regions into smaller parcels, and rent those to the community at substantially lesser costs, depending on the size of the parcel and the amount of the prims allocated.


Region Types

There are three types of regions: “Full Island”, a “Homestead” and “Open space”. They each provide 65536 square meters of virtual space, however vary in their prim allowance, maximum avatars permitted, and use criteria.

Prim Allowance by Region Type

  • Full Island:   15000 prims
  • Homestead: 3750 prims
  • Open space: 750 prims

Use Criteria by Region Type

  • Full Island:  used for Commercial and/or Residential use.
  • Homestead: used for Residential or Light Commercial
  • Openspace: used for water, forest, mountains etc. They are not meant for building on and are unsuitable for Commercial or Residential use.

Avatar Limit by Region Type

  • Full Island:   Max 100 Avatar
  • Homestead: Max 20 Avatar
  • Openspace: Max 10 Avatar

Finding Your Ideal Land Rental

How to finalize what sort of land do you need. Here are some pointers.

  • Your Budget: Having your budget in mind will allow you to target your search more accurately and allow you to exclude a lot of the parcels on offer.
  • What You Need The Land For: Do you want the land for Residential use? Commercial use? Or a mixture of both? Do you need it for breedables, a club or just a home?
  • Prims Required: This requirement usually dictates the size of land as well. If you have an idea of how many prims you need for everything you wish to place on your parcel (roughly) then you have a major piece of information to narrow down your search.
  • Land Size Required: Usually linked to prim amount, however differences from the norm do exist, due to region types and prim bonus allowances.

Where to Find Land

There are several places where available land rentals can be found. Most popular of these is the Second Life Search application within the Viewer. There, land can be searched in a broad “Everything” search using terms such as “Land Rental” or “Rental Land” or you can go with more specific keywords. There is a “Classifieds” section of the search application that has its own specific “Land Rental” section (again search words can be used within this ). Also there is a “Land Rentals” section of the application where you can use filters to narrow down your search by price, land size, category, and name. Listings for land can also be found in the Marketplace. Many online publications, magazines, forums, and blogs advertise land rentals. Finally, word of mouth is an excellent way to find a reliable and trustworthy rental. Recommendations from friends or people that you trust are invaluable in your search. This in real life, referrals will likely be your most reliable source of information.

Buyer Beware

The following questions should help guide you through making this determination.

*Do I know who I am giving this money to?

Does the estate have a website? Does it state the name of the real person or corporate entity that owns it? Is the sales person listed on the website? Have you checked the sales person’s username, or just their display name? Anyone can change the display name. You wouldn’t rent a house in real life from someone who introduces themselves to you as “BigBob4U”, so why would you do so in Second Life? Know you you are doing business with. You are not giving virtual tokens to an avatar – you are giving money to a real person or a corporation, and deserve to know their name. If they are honest, they should have nothing to hide.

*Does the estate have sufficient staff?

If the owner of the estate went away on a two-week vacation, would the estate still be taken care of?

*How does the estate treat its customers?

Every estate will have some customer who are very happy, and some who are disappointed, so it is not sufficient to rely on a few recommendations listed on a web page. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Is the estate willing to transparently share the good and the bad feedback from its customers? A few bad reviews will increase the credibility of the overall feedback. If the estate does not share its customers’ feedback, you should try to speak with some of the current or past customers and obtain this feedback yourself. If the estate does not collect customer feedback, do not expect them to listen to yours either.