• Do I need a Premium Account to Buy or Rent Land in Second Life?

No. To rent or buy a land in Second Life from any Land Owners, a Premium Account is not required. However, a Premium Account is necessary if you want to rent a region or a mainland from Linden Labs directly.

  • How do I know if the land is available or not?

Teleport to the parcel to check for a Land Sale Sign or look into our Available Land page.

  • What is the price and the prims?

Look into our Available Land page for latest updates or ask a Support Staff to guide you.

  • Can I terraform?

Yes. We allow terraforming within your parcel boundaries. Anything in your parcel is fine with us. The maximum height to terraform is 64m.

  • Is there anyone who gives me the right to terraform in the region?

Once you buy the land parcel, within your parcel boundaries, you may terraform. All rights are given as soon as you buy the land and pay at least a week’s tier fees. If you need help ask the Support Staff.

  • Can I change the texture of my Land?

Yes. You may change the texture of your land. You may ask a support staff to do it for you in case you need help.

  • Can I have prim boundaries around my Land like a privacy screen?

Yes. You can have prim boundaries around your land like a privacy screen as long as it fits with the theme of the land.

  • Can I have a skybox on my Land?

Yes. You may have a skybox on your land. The height to set up your skybox is 500m or above.

  • Can I change the settings of my land to General, Moderate or Adult?

No. If you are the owner of a land parcel, you may not. However, if you are the owner of a region or a sim, you may change the settings then.

  • Do I need to be added to any group?

Yes, you have to join the AH Group.

  • Can I change the Land Group changed later?

Yes, you can change the land group deeded later. You have to sell the land to yourself for 0L$ and then re-deed your land group. For more assistance call for support staff.

  • Can I get more prims for my land?

The number of prims allowed are mentioned at the time of purchase. Other than that no extra prims are allowed.

  • Can I subdivide the parcel?

Yes, you may subdivide.

  • Where do I pay rent?

You can pay rent at the AH Head Office to your own rental box.

  • Can someone else pay my rent?

Yes, anyone can pay your weekly tier at the AH Head Office.

  • Can I set music to my Land?

Yes, you can set the music stream of your choice to your Land parcel by clicking About Land Tab.

  • Can my friends set home on my parcel?

Yes, the parcel is yours, and your friends are allowed to set home to your parcel, as long as you allow it.

  • If I have problems with my neighbors what do I do?

If you have problems with your neighbors, ask a support staff for help or file a support ticket at this website.

  • Can I have a small club on my land?

Every Land as different settings, if it is a only club or mixed plot, then you may have a club. In case, the parcel is a strictly Residential only, then no clubs are permitted, big or small.

  • When does the sim restart?

You may check the live grid status for more info or the group notice in AH Group for the next restart updates. On regular basis, the sim restarts on alternate days.

  • Can I use Megaprims on my Land?

Yes, you may as long as the Megaprims are in your parcel limits.

  • Can I move to a different parcel under AH Estates?

Yes, you can. The balance of the tier payment have to adjusted in case you are wanting to move to a different parcel with different weekly tier. It is highly advised to contact a Support Staff member during this shift for easier and smoother process. This highly depends on availability.

  • Can I re-rent my Land?

Yes, you may re-rent your parcels if you have any land more than half a sim. But the payment of weekly tier must be paid in due time irrespective your tenant pays you in time or not.

  • Can I re-sell my Land?

Yes, as long as you have ownership of more than half a sim of land.