Welcome to AH Estates.
Before purchasing a property at AHEstates, we expect every customer to read, understand and abide by this covenant’s regulations. Please take yourself a few moments to read it carefully, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. Please keep in mind, that not reading these regulations doesn’t exempt you from the obligation to abide by it’s regulations.
AH Estates, hereinafter referred to as “AH Estates”, is a private land provider. Therefore, NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT IS NEEDED to own land with us. A free basic account is all you need.
Visitor Behavior
We are a peaceful and respectful community of residents of Second Life TM. Every visitor of our simulators (in continuation called “Sim” or “Sims”) has to abide by the Terms of Service ( and Community Standards ( of Second LifeTM. This also includes all currently valid policies published by Linden Lab (
AH Estates wants to grant every visitor a pleasant experience. For this reason we require every visitor to abide by the following rules:
•    We are a civil community, so we don’t allow weapons in our public areas, neither worn nor attached. This includes also non-functional weapons.
•    No harassment.
•    No nudity on public Land. Minimum clothing bikini/swimwear. Landowners are required to put on clothes before leaving the confines of their privacy area into public.
•    No griefing, prim littering or running scripts causing heavy server load.
•    Always be respectful to others. AH Estates is a diverse community of residents, and we embrace diversity of people, their lifestyles, beliefs, religions and races. We do not accept or tolerate individuals or groups disturbing (or having the potential to disturb) this peaceful diversity.
•    Shouting (and thus, disturbing the peace of your neighbors) is not allowed.
•    Do not enter any private property without the owner’s permission.
•    Landowners and visitors have to abide by the covenant and instructions given by members of our estate management team.
•    AH Estates will not interfere or make judgement in neighborhood disputes. Residents are required to resolve such disputes in a mature and respectful way between themselves. If the dispute involves a covenant or TOS violation, you may file an abuse report at our website  In case of breaching any of these rules, we reserve the right to ban you from our estate.
Purchase Prices
Purchase prices may vary depending on market average based on supply and demand.
Tier Pricing:
The tier prices are fixed in Linden Dollar (L$)  for easier in-world handling and enabling Linden Dollar payments!
Contract Definition
Every customer – estate relationship is regulated by an individual contract, identifiable by using a unique contract number within our systems. The individual conditions of each contract are stored in our database upon purchasing of a property or changing it’s ownership. Each ownership change of a property constitutes a new contract with AH Estates. This also includes deeding land to a group or transferring it to an individual owner. The conditions of each contract are guaranteed by AH Estates and will never be changed to the disadvantage of the land owner, unless Linden Lab raises the prices of their Land Products. This covenant in it’s actual version will be part of each contract.
Purchasing Land
By purchasing land at AH Estates, we grant you the right to own and administer your land as described in the Second Life Terms of Service Article 6 and in compliance with the regulations of this covenant.
To purchase the desired parcel of land, right click onto the ground and choose “Buy Land…” from the menu, agree to this covenant, and complete your purchase. Please note, that all sales are final. If the Land has been purchased by an individual owner, this person will be held responsible to pay the recurring tier fees in order to upkeep the land.
If the Land has been purchased by a group, the responsible Group Owners have to identify themselves as responsible person(s) to pay tier. The identification process will be initiated by clicking the parcel’s service terminal and accepting the responsibility by clicking “Add me” from the menu. Additional owners or payers can be added by the first owner using the terminal’s menu.
Only land sold by the company avatar “hum4ever Magic” is sold by AH Estates. If the seller is a different avatar or group, it’s sold privately by another resident. In such a case, please check their tier due date on the parcel terminal before making your purchase, to ensure you are informed about what you’re getting.
Terminating your landownership contract
In order to properly terminate your contract with AH Estates, click the “Abandon Land” button in your “About Land” menu prior to expiration of your tier time account. Please note, that only you, or -in case of group owned land- anyone with the given group permissions, can abandon the land. AH Estates does not accept requests for abandoning a property via ticket or web-chat, to protect landowners from abusive requests.
Validity of Offers
Any offers including tier time with the purchase price of a property are only valid for new purchases (no matter if it’s your first purchase, or you are purchasing for additional landholdings). These offers exist to encourage residents to add new landholding contracts with AH Estates. Therefore, they do not apply when a landowner swaps properties, or makes usage of their earlier positive end balances resulting from the usage of our premature contract discontinuation service, because these transactions do not increase the number of active contracts you have with AH Estates.
Usage Fees (Tier)
Land in Second Life is subject to recurring usage fee payments (tier) in order to maintain the service. Different than to own a parcel on mainland, you are not required to possess a premium account to own land with AH Estates. Tier payments are made to AH Estates, not to Linden Lab.
If not stated differently by an actual offer, the first Tier payment is due on purchase of the land. Failure of tier payments will result in forfeiture of your land. The landowner(s) are obligated to monitor their tier due dates and keep a positive tier time balance at all times.
If your tier time account is not in default, payments can be made as often as you wish, at every moment and at any desired amount. If you are in default, at least a week’s payment has to be met. Terminals are placed at the edge of each parcel and allow you to make your tier payments, request your tier status and file support tickets.
Tier payments are not refundable. For this reason, land owners are  required to only pay that much tier in advance, as they can anticipate their commitment to their contract.
The base currency for usage fees Linden Dollar (L$). Each Linden Dollar transaction will be based on the current Linden Dollar – US-Dollar exchange rate, which can be found at your terminal’s payment menu as well as online at
Additionally, AH Estates offers a selection of alternative payment methods by using external payment service providers. The usage of these alternative payment methods usually involve external fees charged by the payment service provider which will be deducted from the paid amount before being used for any purpose in relation to your contract with AH Estates.
Every transaction with AH Estates will be automatically processed by our systems and will be broken down into detailed invoices and time account statements. Landowners can review these details at anytime by using their credentials at, which can be retrieved at any parcel terminal.
Tier Time Bonuses
AH Estates operates a very advanced bonus system to reward loyal Landowners but also to give a tier cost relief to Landowners who have contracted certain amounts of Land and Prim Capacities from AH Estates.
Any given Bonuses are a voluntary and at any time revocable service by AH Estates. AH Estates reserves the right to cease the bonus programs or to change the conditions at any time with or without reason. Any tier time bonuses will be added to a landowners time account when making a tier payment. Bonuses are given in additional tier time and may not be exchanged for money and thus, not being paid out. Bonuses are not given when the tier time account has been in arrears at the moment of payment.
For more information and conditions please visit
If the landowner(s) doesn’t pay tier before due and the account runs into arrears, the property in question becomes automatically subject to be repossessed by AH Estates. Any given grace periods are a voluntary and at any time revocable service by AH Estates.
For the time being in default, a late payment fine of 10% will apply. Any paid amount when being in default will primarily be used to balance these fines; the amount left after fines will be applied to tier time. Once in default, the landowner will be asked to meet at least a payment of one week’s tier.
However, if the circumstances which have caused the landowner’s account being in default are caused by a temporary emergency and it is foreseeable that the landowners solvency will be recovered within short time, a special payment agreement can be closed. To do this, the landowner needs to contact us prior to any default and open a support ticket as soon as they know about their liquidity. A decision about a payment agreement will be made on discretion of AH Estates Staff. Any Late Payment Fines will be waived in case of a confirmed payment agreement. If the outstanding debts are not being paid within the agreed period of time, the land will be repossessed.
Repossessing of Land
AH Estates will never repossess your landholdings for no or uncommon reasons. Land may be repossessed by AH Estates in case that you fail to make your usage fee payments (tier) when due, setup your land for sale while not having a positive tier time account balance, or either repeatedly, or severely break regulations of this covenant or the Terms of Service and/or Community Standards of Second Life.
The repossession of your land automatically terminates the corresponding contract between AH Estates and the landowner, and an end balance will be created, reflecting the account status at the moment of termination. Any negative end balance will be charged whenever this resident returns to AH Estates.
An already occurred termination of a contract can be revoked under certain circumstances. If a landowner wishes to reinstate a prior contract, and the property in question is still not occupied by someone else, you may direct a request to the AH Estates Support, and if agreed, your old contract will be reinstated from the moment of termination. This includes the obligation to meet the outstanding tier for the time since the contract has been terminated.
If the land has been repossessed, your left objects will be returned to you. AH Estates does not manage the inventory servers of Second Life and is not responsible for objects failing to return to your inventory. You should contact Linden Lab Support in case that you experience any inventory loss.
Group Land
Landowners are allowed to deed their land to a group owned by themselves. Due to the nature of Second Life groups, group owners and members with granted permissions are able to take that land into their own name at anytime. AH Estates can not accept any responsibility for ownership issues caused this way. Therefore, we cannot intervene in ownership disputes in these cases.
Selling of Land
Whilst having a positive tier time balance on their contract, landowners are allowed to sell their land at anytime to any person or group and at any desired price.  Any positive or negative tier time account balances will be transferred to the new owner. In case that you are about to purchase a property from an existing resident, please verify their tier status by clicking the corresponding parcel terminal at the edge of the parcel. AH Estates is not responsible for negative tier balances on plots purchased in a private transaction between residents.
All Land NOT sold by AH Estates  (AH Estates.Hum4ever Magic Resident) is sold by another resident and therefore a private transaction.
Parcel Modifications
Parcels can not be subdivided or joined by residents. Purchased parcels cannot be subdivided into smaller units.
However, if you own two plots next to each other you can ask AH Estates to join them. In every case, the approval of your request will be made at the discretion of AH Estates. By requesting to join your parcels you accept that they can not be subdivided later again.
If there is buffer land between the two plots, you will gain it free of purchase; however, your tier will be modified to incorporate the extra prims gained.
Parcel Swapping
Landowners are entitled to swap parcels within AH Estates whenever they want and how often they want.
A swap only can be successfully done, if the contract in question has a positive tier time balance, the landowner of the new property will be exactly the same as the landowner of the old property, and the new parcel is sold by AH Estates.  As the swapping procedures are handled automatically by our systems, it is important to follow two easy steps:
1.    Clean up the old parcel and abandon it by using the About Land Menu, General Tab
_Right click on terrain > About Land… > General Tab > Click “Abandon Land_” and wait a few seconds to ensure your parcel terminal has rolled up and shows “Unavailable”. This is to ensure that our system has recognized your action. If it doesn’t react as expected, don’t continue and contact support.
2.    Go to the new parcel. If your old property was owned by a group, you have to buy it directly for the same group again (To do this correctly, wear the correct group tag active, then right click the terrain > About Land… > Buy Land for Group… and proceed from here). If the old property was owned by yourself and not by a group, purchase it as usual under your name.
Conditions for Swaps
•    The buyer of the new property must be exactly the same as the owner of the previous property at the moment of abandonment. Keep in mind, that groups are handled as owners, too.
•    The new parcel must be sold by AH Estates.
•    Each swap costs a service fee of 500L$. This fee doesn’t need to be paid in cash. However, the counter-value of that fee will be subtracted from your tier time account.
•    The new parcel must be purchased within max. 24 hours since the previous parcel has been abandoned.
•    Positive and valid end balances from previous contracts will be transitioned into the new property’s tier time account.
•    If you have purchased your previous property from AH Estates, this purchase value will be refunded worth in tier time towards your new parcel’s tier time account, up to a maximum value of the new property’s purchase price . This point only applies, if you purchase your new parcel from AH Estates, and not from another resident.
•    The land owner may abandon multiple parcels if desired to merge their value’s of tier / purchases paid into a new single parcel. Above described limits apply.
•    If the land owner wants to swap multiple parcels to multiple parcels, they have to be swapped one after each other.
•    Any current offers do not apply.
Premature Contract Discontinuation
Under certain conditions (see below), AH Estates grants to it’s landowners the service to prematurely discontinue their contracts while keeping their remaining credits in readiness for a later return. The intention of this extraordinary service is to protect loyal customers from losing their investments in case of real life emergencies.
To qualify for this service, the landowner is required to have a positive tier time balance of a counter value of least L$ 3000 or the counter value in USD at the current exchange rate, and the contract in question has to be running for at least 14 days.
To take advantage of this service, just follow one simple step:
•    Clean up the parcel and abandon it by using the About Land Menu _(Right click terrain > About Land… > General Tab > Click “Abandon Land”)._
On your later return, go to the new property and purchase it as usual. If your old property was owned by a group, you have to buy it for the same group again. To do this correctly, wear the correct group tag active, then right click terrain > About Land… > Buy Land for Group… and proceed from here.
Conditions for Prematurely discontinuation of contracts
•    No refunds are given, neither for the purchased land price nor for paid tier.
•    The new parcel must be sold by AH Estates.
•    The buyer of the new parcel must be exactly the same as the owner of the previous parcel at the moment of abandonment. Keep in mind, that groups are handled as owners, too.
•    The paid purchase value and the remaining tier’s value will be kept in readiness in our systems and can be recovered if the landowner decides to purchase land later again.
•    Positive and valid end balances from previous contracts will be transitioned into the new property’s tier time account.
•    If you’ve purchased your previous property from AH Estates, this purchase value will be refunded worth in tier time towards your new parcel’s contract account, up to a maximum value of the new property’s purchase price . This point only applies, if you purchase your new property from AH Estates, and not from another resident.
•    The recovery of the kept balances costs a service fee of 750L$. This fee doesn’t need to be paid in cash. However, the counter-value of that fee will be subtracted from your tier time account.
•    The maximum time the balances will be kept in readiness is one year (counted as 365 days). After that time, any balances are forfeited.
•    Any current offers do not apply.
Group Memberships
AH Estates has established a number of groups within Second Life. Every group serves a certain purpose and will be explained in detail below.
•    AH Estates Residents
Every Resident will receive an automated group invite into this group after purchasing their first parcel. We strongly recommend you to accept the membership to be able to receive important updates and information regarding our estate and your land ownership. Group chat is welcome, but not for calling staff for support nor for advertising services/goods/events etc. This group is not to be used to manage your parcel access, grant rights etc. Please create your own group for these purposes. If you need for any reason a new invite for this group, you may request one at anytime using any property terminal.
•    INDIAN PARADISE Community
Open group for friends and residents of AH Estates to be used for small talk and making new friends. While advertising in general is not allowed, we do allow one-time invites for fellow neighbors to attend an event starting / happening on the AH Estates continent right in the moment of inviting. The group membership can be requested from any property terminal.
AH Estates’s Guarantees
Customer satisfaction is one of the main aims of AH Estates. To circumstantiate this claim, we have developed the following guaranteed benefits for our clients:
•    Support Reliability.
We respond every website submitted support ticket or email within 48 hours. If we don’t do, we’ll credit you a free week of tier time to your account (in case you own more than one parcel, the free week will be applied towards your smallest parcel).
•    Our Tier prices are stable.
AH Estates never will raise the tier prices of established contracts by its own. The only exception of this rule are future price increases issued by Linden Lab onto their land products, which would force us to adjust pricing. The other way round, if Linden Lab decides in future to decrease pricing, we’ll guarantee you to forward these savings directly to our clients.
•    Estate stability.
We will never put our estate on unstable financial feet, like a lot of other estates do by offering dumping prices, based on calculations with unrealistic 100% occupation of a sim, or by compensating losses with RL-Money. Our Estate is able to compensate empty parcels without exposing the whole estate on an economic risk, and grow by its own on a healthy speed, assuring a trustful long-term investment into AH Estates Land  for our clients.
•    Fair Treatment.
If for any reason, AH Estates decides to cease operations either completely, or by closing single sims, every affected landowner is entitled to either:
Most Recommended Option:
Swap to another property within AH Estates. Different to normal swaps, no purchase fee has to be paid, no swap fee will be charged, and any purchase value of the previous parcel will be transferred over to the new parcel.
Keep using the property until the announced closing day. Any remaining tier value at this day will be refunded, given the landowner still uses the land until closing day and hasn’t setup the parcel for sale. Selling of land to other residents is strictly prohibited when a sim is due for closure.
Owner AH Estates:
Alison Beamish
Hum4ever Magic